• superior Room

    The superior Room is large and Spacious contain small sitting room and a bedroom.

  • Excutive Rooms

    Executive room contain fire place and a bedrooms with 2 beds,

  • Standard Room

    Standard room is a single room with bed, a table and chair and a television set


Mr. Andrew Chelogoi


Mr. Bryan Cuthbert

Vice Chairman/Bar&Wines

Mr. Patrick Kiprop

Information Technology/Public Relations/Staff & Industrial Relations/Security

Mr. John Kibosia

General repairs and Maintenance

Mr. Kamal Manek

Sports & Entertainment

Mr. Vandeep Sagoo

Finance and Developments

Dr. Florence Murgor


Mr. James Waweru


Mrs Iscah Maizs

Housing and Accomodation

Mr. Laban Kimutai

Club Secretary/Manager

Mr. Moses Tanui

Golf Captain

Nilam Shah

Lady Captain

      • Mr. Vandeep Sagoo            Chairman
      • Mr.  Andrew Chelogoi          Member
      • Mr. Patrick Kiprop                Member
      • Dr. Florence Murgor             Member
      • Dr. John Kibosia                  Member

      • Mr. James Waweru                Chairman
      • Mr. Bryan Cuthbert                 Member
      • Dr. Florence Murgor               Member
      • Mrs. Iscah Maizs                    Member
      • Mr. Kamal Manek                   Member

      • Mr. Kamal Manek                             Chairman
      • Mr. Andrew Chelogoi                        Club Chairman
      • Mr. James Waweru                           Member
      • Mr. Moses Tanui                               Golf Captain
      • Mrs. Nilam Shah                               Lady Captain
      • Aron Kitur                                        Green Keeper

      • Mr. Patrick Kiprop                                Chairman
      • Mr. Bryan Cuthbert                               Member
      • Mr. Andrew Chelogoi                            Member

      • Dr. Floronce Murgor                            Chair Person
      • Mr. Andrew Chelogoi                           Member
      • Mr. Bryan Cuthberti                             Member
      • Mr. Vandeep Sagoo                             Member
      • Mr. James Waweru                              Member


      Management Staff 

      The day to day running of the Club is in the able hands of the Club Manager/Secretary and his team: he also serves as the Secretary to the Main Committee.

      Club Trustees – 
      Mr. Tek Che Bore, Mr. J. K. Lesiew, Bro. P. Brennan,
      Prof. H.N.K. arap Mengech and Mr. N. A. Manji.



      32 self contained en suite rooms with local and satellite Television.


      Well equipped with up-to date apparatus

      A full service dining room, comfortably seating 32

      Tennis Court